Lockout Tags and Placards

What is Lockout-Tagout?

Lockout-tagout, or LOTO for short, is a system practiced by several industries to ensure that dangerous machines are powered off, secured, and unable to be powered back on during maintenance or repair work. It requires hazardous energy sources to first be isolated and rendered inoperative, then locked. Here at ECPL we devote ourselves to ensure the safety of others.

ECPL will develop high quality and extremely durable lockout tags, safety placards, machine specifications, and a variety of other machine safety signage. These signs are tailored to fit your specification requirements, providing everything you need.

Lockout Icons

ECPL can develop lockout icons for any equipment for all industries. These icons are designed to be placed or hung directly on or near equipment to indicate energy sources. All of our icons can be adhesive backed or hole punched for easy application to the machine. Our experience varies throughout different industries, such as automotive (including stamping and powertrain), electrification, aerospace, consumer products, commercial products, and more.

Our icons' standard dimensions are 4" x 4" but can be customized to your needed specification. Guaranteed for the life of your machine, these lockout icons are the best way to keep employees of your company safe.

Graphic and Procedure Placards

Graphic and procedure placards are put in place to provide an overview of where energy sources are located. Working in tandem with our lockout icons, these placards include information on how to safely lockout energy sources. Our team has expertise in producing placards for single machines, including but not limited to CNC, Transfers, Presses, Vision Systems, Test Equipment (Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, etc.), Conveyors, and more.

Your placard will be delivered on adhesive-backed aluminum to securely adhere to your machine.

Machine Nameplates

ECPL can develop or duplicate nameplates for any machine. Nameplates can include items such as the machine’s name, load capacity, or voltage information. These nameplates serve as indicators that clearly explain the details of machines your employees are working with. Our nameplates can be produced up to 12” x 18” in size with adhesive backing to safely adhere to your machine. Our team can develop nameplates suited for all industries, including automotive, electrification, aerospace, consumer products, commercial products, and more.

Ensure that any and all information needed for your machines is visible on our durable nameplates tailored to your needs.